1031 Exchanges

Our clients are often involved in a 1031 exchange. On some occasions, they are exchanging into new agricultural properties. In other cases they are exchanging out of agricultural land completely and interested in exchanging into other types of investment real estate.  Patrick Furlong is our resident expert in 1031 exchanges out of agricultural properties into investment real estate. 
Patrick believes in the importance of diversification to reduce risk and stabilize income. Patrick is a licensed real estate agent and holds securities licenses 22 and 63.  This allows Patrick to offer a broader range of investment alternatives to our clients. 
If you are considering a 1031 exchange, you will want a copy of Patrick’s “The 10 Biggest Mistakes 1031 Exchange Investors Make”.  This important paper will help you avoid the common pitfalls many sellers of agricultural land make when they acquire investment real estate with their 1031 exchange proceeds. 

We will also send you a copy of “Strategic Diversification of 1031 Exchange Proceeds”.
For your free copies, please email us at fredbusch@1stwesterngroup.com or call 559-225-5915.