Farm Management

1st  Western Group formed its farm management team to  provide comprehensive farm management services to the agricultural community. Our farm managers are currently managing more than 10,000 acres of diversified  crops in central California that includes  Almonds, Pistachios, both wine and table grapes, citrus and blueberries.  They are experienced in both organic and conventional farming practices and offer both consulting and management services.

In recent years, a large part of our practice has been the development and maintenance of new permanent plantings.  These services include site selection and layout, irrigation design, varieties and rootstock, soil preparation and planting.  After the planting is established, the development is carefully monitored and includes pruning, training, thinning, irrigation, fertilization and plant protection.  Our goal is to utilize the latest technology in order to maximize productivity and quality and produce above average returns.

In addition to sound cultural practices, 1st Western offers a complete accounting service that includes general accounting, cost accounting, budgeting and forecasting.  We also maintain a number of contacts within the farming community by being active in various industry organizations as well as staying aware of issues affecting agriculture.  Our managers have been in the agricultural industry for many years and have developed numerous industry resources.  With our own agricultural financing department, 1st Western is in the unique position of providing complete management services to farming operations.