Who We Are

1st Western Group, Inc. has an established network of private investors, financial institutions and insurance companies to assist clients withn both short term and long term financing needs. Our financial expertise includes conducting credit analysis, preparing budget and cash flow projections, arranging land and equipment appraisals, preparing loan documentation, handling all title and escrow requirements, managing annual credit reviews and all loan servicing.

Loan Purposes                                                                    

Application Checklist
Completed Application
Current financial statement and the 3 most recent annual financial statements
Federal income tax returns for the last 4 years
Income and expense projections for the next production year
Machinery and equipment list
Completed creditor list
Brief description of property
Narrative of farming operation
  • Purchase Land
  • Refinance existing mortgages
  • Capital improvements
  • Cash out to refinance debts

Credit Criteria

  • Customer should have a proforma Debt/Asset ratio of 50% or better.
  • Customer should have at least a 25% margin above all debt service and family living expenses.
  • Loan to value maximum of 70%.
  • Collateral for farms and ranches should be able to generate sufficient cash flow to service the mortgage.

Appraisal Information

  • Appraisal dated within the past year.
  • Appraisal completed by a state-certified appraiser.
  • Appraiser approved by 1st Western Group, Inc.

Financial Information

  • A signed application. Apply Now! 
  • A signed financial statement dated within the last three months.
  • Three previous financial statements.
  • Signed tax returns from the previous four years.
  • Budget projections for the next year.
  • Brief description of property.
  • Narrative of farming operation.