Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions

Our professional sales staff is uniquely qualified to help you locate the farm or ranch you wish to purchase. With decades of farming experience, we at 1st Western Group understand the  unique qualities that make a property a productive and profitable investment. We work in partnership with a diverse group of farmers, brokers and other farm related professionals throughout the Central Valley. This enables us to find the perfect property for you.

We also excell at selling the properties you already farm. Below is a partial list of farms we have recently sold.

# Acres       Crop                                              County                               Selling price

527             Row Crop & Vineyard                     Fresno                                $560,000

160             Row Crop                                      Fresno                                $341,000

195             Yineyard                                       Fresno                                $418,000

160             Row Crop                                      Fresno                                $805,000

580             Row Crop                                      Fresno                             $1,798,000

160             Row Crop                                      Fresno                                $480,000

200             Row Crop                                      Fresno                             $1,293,146

470             Almonds                                       Fresno                             $6,440,854

1400           Almonds                                       Merced                           $19,445,210

As demonstrated above, we are experienced in selling farms in a variety of sizes, crops  and prices. Let us help you or the people you care about market your property today. List your property Here.